Commissioned Works.

Hi I’m Darren and I am a Scale Model Artist. From my studio I plan, build and finish commissioned scale models for private collector’s who enjoy my work.


From my studio I can build the model of your choice. I build Aircraft, Armour, Sci-Fi, Figures and Diorama’s to your specifications, presented on their own or as part of a custom display.

Building scale models has been my passion and hobby for well over a decade and my work is viewed daily on social media and here on my personal web page. I have work published in magazines, on websites and on display in private collections.

Most of my clients are private collectors who want a certain aircraft or armour subject that has personal significance to them. I have had the honour of building for several Military Veterans who have wanted their own Fighter, AFV or Diorama of a certain event from their service or from a historical campaign.

I also have clients who just want that one particular model of a famous WWII Fighter or Modern day Jet Fighter on display in their home or office. I am known for my work on WWII Fighters so over the years I have become a “Go To Guy” for these subjects.

Whatever subject you wish to have brought to life, we can do it! The process starts with that first enquiry. You can contact me via this website with any questions or enquiries that you may have.

From there I will guide you through the process of commissioning your own bespoke, custom built display model for your home or office. I work in all scales, the most popular being 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 for Aircraft subjects and 1/35 for Armour and Diorama subjects.

As I said before, this work is my hobby and my passion. To me it is an art form and I call myself an artist. To this end, each and every model I create is an individual and unique work. I research every project and go to great lengths for achieve historical accuracy to show the subject in its own true context and bring it to life.



Example’s of my work:

Each Fighter Aircraft I build has the scars of war in the patina of scratched and worn paint. It’s guns cordite stains discolouring the wings, its exhaust burning and staining the airframe.The pilots cockpit has the straps, buckles and harness’s that you would see in the real aircraft. You can read the dials on the instrument panel, you can see the details of the busy cockpit with wires, dials and boxes on show. The paint is matched and scaled to that of the real machine, markings are carefully researched right down to the aircraft’s production serial number. Photograph’s are found, reports studied and references checked. This is the how my models are brought to life.

This is an instrument panel from a Spitfire Mk.Ia in 1/32 being built for a private collector. Great effort has gone into portraying the realism of the subject and you can see by the size and scale of this one part of the Spitfire’s cockpit just how much work and detail goes into each and every element of each project.IMG_7170IMG_7179IMG_7183


Here we have a 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.Vb Tropical. This Fighter is in the markings of 249 Squadron, Royal Air Force. This airframe took on its unusual camouflage scheme when defending the island of Malta in 1942.IMG_6952IMG_6959IMG_6961IMG_6929IMG_6911IMG_6946IMG_6960IMG_6788 2


An aircraft subject may also be displayed within it’s own diorama to show the subject in its own context-to capture a moment in time. Here we have a 1/48 USMC F4U Corsair as it was on the Solomon Islands during the Pacific Campaign in WWII. This model is displayed on its own custom built display plinth, with sand, palm trees and ground crew to set the scene. The brass plaque adds a touch of class to an impressive collectors piece and after photography, the entire work is encased in its own glass display case.



The same applies to every other subject. I research, plan and build to your requirements using the finest equipment and materials.


Armour builds are very popular and can be displayed as they are or as part of a diorama to show the subject in context:

Here we have a E-100 Jagdpanzer in 1/35 scale finished and displayed as a standing model.IMG_5260IMG_5213 copyIMG_5247IMG_5228IMG_5247IMG_5214



Next we have another 1/35 Armour model displayed as part as a full diorama. This example is The US Army Sherman E8 from the film “FURY”.

This piece is displayed on its own unique custom display base. All the elements are brought to life to enhance a highly detailed model. You can run your fingers over the grass, see the leaves on the tree, notice the dirt, wear and tear on the war weary Sherman Tank and read the horrors of war on the figures faces. This is when a model becomes a work of art.



I also bring my work into the model world with Fighter Jets and Attack Helicopters, here is a selection that have been completed in recent years:

Here is a custom built 1/48 HAF F-16C in squadron anniversary markings:IMG_3121IMG_3100IMG_3093IMG_3132



This USMC F/A-18C in VMFA-122 “CRUSADERS” markings captures the look of a modern day Fleet Strike Fighter, its full integrated cockpit and posable flying surfaces add a sense of realism to the model.IMG_1690IMG_1746IMG_1710IMG_1699IMG_1734






Here we have a large scale 1/35 USMC AH-1W COBRA. This custom build includes USMC crew figures and special markings.moneyshot1IMG_0775IMG_0810IMG_0800



Here you can see fine details from previously built models to show the sense of realism and accuracy I put into each and every work.IMG_3994IMG_3221IMG_1607HU7IMG_3222HU4IMG_1604DSC_6284_zpsdy6bgokhIMG_3175DSC_6403ml5



Being a scale model artist is a wonderful, joyful hobby that brings pleasure to me in my spare time and to others who collect or simply enjoy looking at my works.


I hope this presentation has been an enjoyable insight to the models produced by my studio and if you wish to contact me to enquire about commissioning your own model, please feel welcome to contact me here: Contact Form

Happy Modelling!

Darren McGuinness @The Scale Model Hanger Studio.