Moson Model Show 2017


I wanted to say a big thanks to my new readers and followers to this new blog. It is heart warming to learn that there are others who enjoy the hobby as much as I do and who have the same feelings about scale modelling.

Today I invite you visit my Facebook page: It is not all about me, but rather it is about enjoying the hobby. I post works from all over the world by scale modellers who are by far more wiser and talented than I. To me, they are true artists.

Here is a selection of photo’s from the Moson Model show 2017, this years show saw some of the most beautiful and incredible works and I felt compelled to share them with you.

Here are some of my favourites that found their way onto my Facebook page:

For more photo’s from the show I can recommend and excellent site which has hundreds of high quality pictures from the event go to :



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