As regular readers will know, I am a complete Star Wars  nerd-I love it! So as you will see among all the warbirds, jets and diorama’s I also like a little bit of Sci-Fi modelling on my workbench to clear my head and to just play.

This project saw me picking up a 6″ Black Series Obi-Wan figure that I wanted to customise and display next to my 1/12 Bandai Star Wars figures. Kenobi is one of my favourite characters and I thought it would be a nice side project to produce a figure of him by simply modifying an existing off the shelf figure.

This figure portrays Kenobi as he appeared in Episode III “Revenge of the Sith”. For me Ep. III is the best of the prequels and the epic lightsabre duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin is the climax of the film. It’s this war weary look portrayed by Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan that I wanted to emulate with my figure.


This is the figure I bought………..


And this is what I was trying to do!



So my project consisted of the figure, an old furniture corner foot and some plasticard……


First job was to plug up those holes on my plinth with that plasticard! I then smeared some Vallejo Desert sand paste over it to create the ground effect I wanted.


The figure had all of its articulated parts filled and the entire figure was repainted with acrylics. The base’s groundwork was painted Nato Black and dry-brushed with a light grey shade. I added a couple of channels to give the effect of hot lava moving through the ash surface where Obi-Wan is standing.

I hope I have captured the spirit of Kenobi’s character in this figure, I certainly enjoyed attempting to do so!


Hope you like this one! Happy Modelling and May the Force be with you!



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