Tamiya’s 1/35 Tiger I.

“On a freezing winter morning a German tank crew wonder what this new day will bring………”

There are times when an artist revisits his work and takes a bold step to improve it, purely out of instinct.

I built and published a 1/35 Tiger I a couple of years ago but I was never really happy with it. Whilst putting the finishing touches to this summer’s big project’s I decided to have a break and explore past works in my studio and I was immediately drawn to this Tiger I in a winter scheme.

This 1/35 Tamiya kit was a gift from my friend Eric who has always encouraged me to attempt more armour subjects, it was an enjoyable build and one I have always been fond of.

There was just something missing…….Roll on one summer evening and my imagination spurred me on to add a little paint and a filter coat to this model.

That is all I did, but to my eye it has made all the difference and I feel the finished piece is now improved.

Here is the finished work, I’ll let you judge for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this work, take care and happy modelling!


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