It’s May the 4th! Star Wars day! As a long time Star Wars fan I want to wish everyone who loves Star Wars a wonderful day!

Here are two of my favourite Star Wars models, they are not my finest works by any stretch of the imagination but they were fun to build and make me smile whenever I cast my gaze upon them.

Both are rides of my favourite character Luke Skywalker, his faithful Tauntaun from the ice world of Hoth which we saw in the Empire Strikes Back. And of course the famous    T-65 X-Wing Fighter featured in all three of the original films.

Enjoy! And May the Fourth be with you!

DSCF0032.JPGDSCF0019.JPGDSCF0025.JPGDSCF0026DSCF0013 (2)DSCF0006DSCF0044 (2)DSCF0028 (2)

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