Biker Scout.

As it is May the Fourth I thought I’d run this post again!


Remember Return of the Jedi? Well, I do and I love Star Wars.

Return Of The Jedi was the one where we found out what Darth Vader’s face looked like, we saw Princess Leia in a bikini and the Empire had Scout Troopers roaming the forests of Endor on the coolest flying bikes we have ever seen! I was 13 years old.


The Imperial Speeder bike was one of the stars of the film, flying at 150MPH at low level through the giant redwood forest. I had a toy one when I was a kid, and my son had one too!


He has seen the old AMT/ERTL kit in my stash many times and asked me when I’m going to build it? After seeing an incredible build of the new Bandai Speeder Bike on the forums recently I was inspired to dig my old 80’s model and see if I…

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