FURY: Work in Progress Part III



It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d share what progress has been made at the bench lately.

Our FURY diorama is now very near to completion and I have now finished the autumn tree and finished weathering the groundwork. The Tank is now just about there too and I have begun work on the figures. It’s a long and involved process but well worth the effort when one gets it right.

So here’s what we have so far…..

The tree is in place and all those photo-etch leaves are now painted. I will use the left over leaves to place on the ground like they have fallen off the tree.


The Sherman is now finished and all I need do is add crew to the top hull and dirt to the tracks.


I wanted to re-create the road sign from the movie so this one was scratch built from plasticard and painted up to resemble the real thing.


I normally choose a brass plaque for my diorama builds, however I wanted something different for this one. I took some plate and sprayed it O/D green then copied the famous text from FURY’s gun barrel.


The finished layout:


Next job-Building and painting our tank crew. It’s a long slog so I invited the lads round for a drink!


Hope you are enjoying the build so far! Take care and Happy Modelling!



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