After building FURY, what comes next? War Daddy!


Yes the FURY tank crew’s commander Don “Wardaddy” Collier as portrayed in the movie. I was given the opportunity to apply my figure painting skills to a 1/10 scale bust of this character by my good friend Eric Herbert.

Figure painting can be quite daunting in a large scale, there really is no place to hide any mistakes! Given that this is an expensive piece I have taken my time with it and used a technique new to me which is painting in translucent acrylic skin tones. This is a difficult process to master and I still have much to learn. The uniform was painted in Tamiya acrylics and the unit and rank patches were painted in oils.

Here is my completed figure. I think is was a good sculpt and I have tried my best to capture the essence of the character. I have to admit he is not a dead ringer for Brad Pitt but I can see a resemblance there. I enjoyed the creative process on this project and will certainly like to paint more large scale figures.


Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your Easter Holiday. Take care and Happy Modelling!






2 thoughts on “WAR DADDY.

  1. Hobby Dude

    Excellent work again! I hear ya on the challenge of larger ones. RC Plane guys are always looking for busts and they are mostly 5th scale or larger and nobody wants to paint them. Most are 2 piece vacuum molded but luckily they are usually seen from a distance lol. Face painting is one area I really want to improve upon. I was lucky enough to take one group lesson from Fernando Ruiz at a hobby trade show once. It helped me a lot, he is of http://ferminiatures.com/ fame. I think there are some vids online of his technique. Look forward to what you do next.


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