Figure it out!



Its been a while hasn’t it? Right now I am in the middle of multiple projects and with all that life throws at me a collector presented me with a superb  75mm resin figure produced by Nocturna Models and asked  give it a paint and to display it on a base.

This Viking warrior standing on the bow of his longboat really captures the look of a Norseman on his next adventure to a far land to fight and pillage! I have to admit, it is such a great sculpt that I couldn’t resist working on it in-between all the aircraft and armour that I am juggling right now! This figure is very well detailed and the fit of the parts is perfect! It was a fun project!

The figure was painted in acrylics and weathered with enamel washes. I used a MDF plinth with AK Interactive Water Effects for the base. This was a nice change of pace and  another positive learning experience for me, working with water effects was not as tricky as I thought it would be!

I hope you enjoy my Viking explorer, he certainly evokes the legend of the Norse warrior.

Until next time, take care and Happy Modelling!





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