Born of the Desert-The Long Range Desert Group.


Please allow me to share with you my latest work, a 1/35 scale diorama featuring the British Army LONG RANGE DESERT GROUP. (LRDG)

A brief history…….

The LRDG was formed specifically to carry out deep penetration, covert reconnaissance patrols and intelligence missions from behind German and Italian lines, although they sometimes engaged in combat operations as well. They were made up of Officers and Troops from New Zealand, South Africa, Britain and Australia.
Because the LRDG were experts in desert navigation they were sometimes assigned to guide other units, including the Special Air Service and secret agents across the desert. During the Desert Campaign between December 1940 and April 1943, the vehicles of the LRDG operated constantly behind the Axis lines, missing a total of only 15 days during the entire period.


Possibly their most notable offensive action was during Operation Caravan, an attack on the town of Barce and its associated airfield, on the night of 13 September 1942. However, their most vital role was the ‘Road Watch’, during which they clandestinely monitored traffic on the main road from Tripoli to Benghazi, transmitting the intelligence to British Army Headquarters.
With the surrender of the Axis forces in Tunisia in May 1943, the LRDG changed roles and moved operations to the eastern Mediterranean, carrying out missions in the Greek islands, Italy and the Balkans. After the end of the war in Europe, the leaders of the LRDG made a request to the War Office for the unit to be transferred to the Far East to conduct operations against the Japanese Empire. The request was declined and the LRDG was disbanded in August 1945.

The Diorama:

This project was literally handed to me the Christmas before last as a present from a good friend who knows of my interest in the desert campaign of WWII.
The gift was Tamiya’s 1/35 British Command Car. A great kit of the big Chevy truck used by the LRDG which included a comprehensive selection of stowage and a superb set of figures tooled by Masterbox. It really was a diorama in a box!


The build was most enjoyable as I went along I decided to add a modified figure from another Masterbox figure set and also a camel and a palm tree to set the scene.

Having completed this project and I was able to photograph it and house the diorama in its purpose built display case. Again it literally did become a diorama in a box!

Here are some photo’s of the finished diorama, I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Modelling!


IMG_1325IMG_1330IMG_1335IMG_1359IMG_1361IMG_1363IMG_1370IMG_1375IMG_1376IMG_1379IMG_1382IMG_1384 copy



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