2018- A year in review.


Allow me to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2019! This year has seen me complete twelve projects in the last twelve months all of which were as different as they were special.

Ranging from WWII warbirds to modern day fighters to WWII armour to set piece diorama’s to comic book hero’s to historic figures, there literally has been something for everyone this year! 2018 also saw this website get a make-over, a larger audience and my studio’s presence on social media saw followers numbers rocket up by the hundreds! I completed a very special commission work too.

If you are one of my followers, weather it be here on the website, Instagram or Facebook THANK YOU! Thanks for the follows and the likes, the messages and the fun. Having an audience who appreciate my work means a lot to me and I do not take that for granted. I want my posts to be a showcase for my work, hopefully entertaining you the reader at the same time. I had bigger plans for the website this year but alas, life gets in the way….

I hope to expand on my plans in 2019 and be able to have more time to produce/write more content. In the meantime, why not pour you favourite beverage, sit back and review 2018 with me…….

The Ghost of Berlin: This was my take on Trumpeter’s 1/35 “Paper Panzer” E100 Jagdpanzer. This was a great project where I was allowed to stretch my creativity.

The Wolverine: This Polar Lights kit of the badass super hero was a tribute to the comic book artists and writers I admire. I wanted my Wolverine to look like he just tore his way out of an Uncanny X-MEN comic book, some modifications were needed to set the scene, but with a custom base and some battle scars healing he sure looked the part!

Fury: This diorama of the now famous US Army “Easy Eight” Sherman tank that was the star of the war film “FURY” and I wanted to re-create the not only the tank, but the story too. To this end I sought out the entire set of crew figures sculpted to resemble the characters from Fury’s tank crew and I designed a diorama setting to evoke memories from the film. It was a long, challenging project that not only raised my profile as an artist but also won me much praise. Certainly a project that I am very fond of.

War Daddy: This is a 1/10 scale sculpt of Bradd Pitt’s war weary tank commander from the film “FURY”. Painted with acrylics, this was my first character bust and the response to my finished work was quite favourable.

P-51D Mustang.: This was a review of the new tool 1/48 Airfix P-51D Mustang. Nice kit!

Viking: This 75mm resin Norse warrior was built and painted from a resin kit donated to the studio. Painted entirely in acrylics.

Spartan! This 75mm white metal figure was a real treat to paint!

Spitfire Mk.Vb Tropical: This Tamiya 1/48 in Malta theatre markings was an absolute joy to work on!

F-16C USAF WI ANG: This 1/48 Tamiya F-16C was built over a long period of time featuring markings of the Wisconsin USAF Air National Guard as a tribute to my good friend Frank Daniels, a native of the great state of Wisconsin who loves the F-16. This is a great kit of a great American Fighter.

F4U-5N Corsair: This 1/48 scale Hasegawa tooling of the 5N Corsair was a gift from a good friend. I enjoyed this build so much that I made a Korean War era airfield vignette to display it in!

FIRST LIGHT: Spitfire Mk.Ia: This 1/32 scale commission build of Geoffrey Wellums Battle of Britain Spitfire Mk.Ia was a commission work for a private collector who generously allowed me to publish this model on my website. This one was very close to my heart and I think it shows….

King Tiger: This 1/35 scale German armour subject was a gauntlet laid down by a good friend-No brief whatsoever! Just build and have fun! I decided to depict this King Tiger as a fictional “what if” unit operating in the Ardennes towards the end of the war. The diorama base was completely build by me in-house. This brought my modelling year to a close with a great looking diorama admired by every visitor to the studio!

Well, there it was my studio’s output for 2018! I hope you have enjoyed the various works here and look forward to sharing future projects with you all in 2019. Thanks for joining me and may I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2019.

Happy Modelling!


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