It’s only a hobby!


This post is one that has rattled around inside my head for a while now. I want to get to grips with a subject that really bugs me: Mr. Negative Modeller.


We have all come across that negative guy who knows more, does more and says more. To be honest, there have been times when I could have been that guy myself. Not something to be proud of!  My fault lies in having a go at forum mods who shut people down for expressing an opinion. Sometimes it is not what you say that is offensive but the way that you say it. I can see that now and I’m big enough to admit my mistakes and move on.

Here is my take on this………..We are all individuals in this hobby with many different tastes, skill sets and experiences. Most of us just build models and enjoy each others work, discussing our work, showing our models and learning from each other. This enriches our experience and allows us to learn from one another and improve our modelling.  Above all else, it’s fun! That’s why we enjoy our hobby in the first place!

Every now and again I see negativity on a forum here or a Facebook page there and to be honest I just move on and ignore it. Best thing to do really. However the other day I came across someone that was deliberately hurtful to someone else and it struck me how bloody awful some folks can be when engaging in mere hobby talk. Why? Is there a need? Of course not!

I can’t stand rivet counters and problem finders. They live to find fault rather than help others and as a consequence they often band together to form a group of all knowing overseers who think they are better than the rest of us. This is has always been present in the hobby and I honestly don’t know why. When I think back to the days before we had the internet and I visited models shows I would be admiring a build at club display table and talk to modellers. Most would be happy to chat plastic, share tips and techniques or simply shoot the breeze. Then there would be that one guy who had a stunning build on the table and I would complement him on his work. Then I might ask how he did a certain paint effect or where did he get that aftermarket part from. And this guy would adopt a shit eating grin and reply “Sorry can’t tell you!”


I dare say we have all come across this sort of person online or at a show. I could actually name some-but I won’t. Let us instead pity the fools and leave them to their self importance. This is the sort of person who does nothing to welcome newcomers to our hobby.

I have run into some folks like this again recently and rather than rise to  it I completely ignored them. I have found this usually works as they get bored and move on. Lots of people enjoy a spirited argument, we often debate issues of the day and clear the air. I have no  problem with that. There’s a place for that in every facet of our lives.

What I cannot abide is when a fellow modeller posts work on a public forum and some A-Hole completely rips it to shreds! There is no need! I saw a fellow have his work insulted and mocked just because Mr. negative modeller didn’t like it! I wish these people would post their own models own builds in public for likewise scrutiny. I wonder how they would fair then? That is if they build anything at all!

Why are they so angry?


I don’t know what issues this guy and his ilk have but they need to relax, unwind and maybe build a model once in a while. If you come across these keyboard warriors, don’t let them bring you down. Just keep building and keep enjoying making models.

And remember, it’s only a hobby! 

Right, rant over. See you on the next post.

Take care. And Happy Modelling! 



8 thoughts on “It’s only a hobby!

  1. Hobby Dude

    Good rant Darren and I am in Total agreement! Unfortunately this type of toxin exists in many things we do in life. It is probably part narcissism and part ego and a lot of insecurity. Modeling is a form of art besides a source of fun and like so many artistic endeavors it gets into this funk of being a competition. Some people can not be part of friendly rivals, my theory they get intimidated easily and turn into asshats. I stood at a counter in a hobby shop for 5 years and saw examples of this in all the hobbies. Geek table top gamer kids, modelers, Radio control guys all had a delegate for the congress of toxic hobbyists. The internet seems to magnify the bad ones, like a club that lets anyone in. I stick with Groucho Marx on this one ” I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”


    1. Thanks! You’re right it does get a bit toxic out there at times. It is one of the reasons why I created my own page. I figured that like minded people would enjoy what I am doing and the hobby haters would stay in their caves.


  2. I absolutely love this blog and just started following it. I recently got back into scale modeling, but I am struggling: Why do we build? And what should we do with models once they’re built? What if what we build is never good enough? I built my first model at age 7, and 30 years later I am back. Any input would be fantastic. Keep building and writing!


  3. Hi Andy! Welcome back to our hobby! It is great to have you here and I thank you for your kind words.

    I like to think we build for the enjoyment of the process and the reward of completing our chosen model, I display mine when they are finished, share them with friends or post them on the web in forums or a certain awesome blog site!

    Don’t go into the thought process of “Is it ever good enough?” The only person who should be happy with your build is YOU. If some random dude doesn’t like your model, that’s his problem! I hope you enjoy my future modelling musings and look forward to seeing what you choose to build. Happy Modelling!


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