Heavy Metal: Building the E-100 Jagdpanzer.


This is a tale about inspiration. Sometimes we see a subject that is so unlike anything we would normally build but we are inspired to know more……..

This is what happened one fine day when I was browsing AK Interactive’s Facebook page and they shared this awesome build of a 1/35 E-75 Eber by Kristof Pulinckx. I was so taken aback by the look, design and striking presence of this tank that I really wanted one!

If you want to see a cool tank, check this out!

Model by Kristof Pulinckx. 


This kit is a combination of Trumpeters E-75 Panzer chassis and the Paper Panzer Productions conversion. What I love about this design is its raw aggressive stance and how the modeller has chosen to paint and weather it. It just looks awesome!

Now this so called “Paper Panzer” never made it off the drawing board and into production so one could really take a lot of liberties with how it could look. After looking into buying the kit and conversion it was starting to be an expensive proposition so I put the idea away to the back of my mind and moved on.

Then just last November I was at the UK IPMS show and on the competition table I saw THIS!


Immediately, I made enquires and learnt that this was a stock kit made by Trumpeter! After some retail therapy from the comfort of my favourite chair I soon found the kit at the right price and it landed on my doorstep a couple of days just before Christmas.


This E-100 Jagdpanzer is not the same tank as the E-75 Eber but it is similar in design and that is why it appealed to me. Before I knew work had commenced!


Trupeter’s rendition of the E-100 is a simple no thrills affair. It’s two hulls, mantle, gun and wheels give us a quick build and I must say one hell of an armoured beast. This thing even in 1/32 scale is BIG!

My plan is to use the featured E-75 scheme to paint and weather this model and I will pose a great set of Verlinden figures next to it on a diorama base. It should really look the part when its done. Here are the figures I plan to use:


I am currently thinking about using a Mini Art base-If I can find one big enough! I may end up having to furnish one of my own. We’ll see.

Until next time, Take care and Happy Modelling!




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