D-Day Victory! Johnnie Johnson’s “Beer truck” Spitfire Mk.IX


This week has given a wonderful break from the day job and I have immersed myself in my obsession with Spitfire’s!

A recent visit to Flying Legend’s at Duxford was spectacular! Seeing so many warbirds in one place set my heart on fire! Upon returning home my studio went into overdrive building and researching Spitfire’s!

Among the projects I have on the bench, I was able to finish the display for my recently completed Spitfire Mk.IX marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day. This excellent 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.IX had some aftermarket added to it to depict a famous D-Day Spitfire. You can read the build article here: Spitfire Mk.IX


This Spitfire was the mount of Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson who led The Kenley Wing in 1944 and it was famously fitted with beer barrels so that he bring beer to the troops in Normandy after D-Day.


This was a most enjoyable project and I hope a fitting and respectful tribute to all who fought for our freedom on 6th June  1944. I posed the finished model on a simple plinth base with some figure’s enjoying a beer or two in the summer sunshine of 1944.





Hope you enjoyed this one! Thanks for visiting!

Happy Modelling!




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