FIRST LIGHT: Flying Officer Geoffrey Wellum DFC and Spitfire K9998 in the summer of 1940.

In my last post we saw the completion of my commission build Spitfire, Geoffrey Wellum’s K9998. Now the Spitfire has been enhanced by posing it in a typical scene from the Battle of Britain-A lone Spitfire Mk.Ia with its pilot being greeted by the venerable RAF Flight Sgt. 

Now I have the model, scenery and figures housed in a custom built display case that will soon find its new home with a private collector who has informed me he is that he is very pleased with the final work. 

So here I present to you “First Light” a 1/32 scale depiction of Flying Officer Geoffrey Wellum DFC and his Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia, K9998 of 92 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Built and painted in tribute to Sqn.Ldr. Geoffey Wellum DFC who sadly left us this year. 

Now that you have seen the finished work here are some detail shots of the model and figures:

This is Revell’s 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIA backdated to Mk.Ia configuration and enhanced with Barracuda Studio’s resin parts and Eduard Photo-etch detail parts. Painted with Tamiya and Grunze Acrylic’s  and weathered with AK Interactive’s Aircraft weathering washes. 

Here is the original kit and detail sets.

The Instrumment panel:

Instrument Panel, Yoke and cockpit floor:

Starboard cockpit sidewall:

Portside Cockpit sidewall:

Seat, harness and cockpit framing:

One of the exhaust stacks.

Painting the model in the studio:

The first layer of camouflage applied:

The finished Spitfire:

The figures are in resin and from Wing’s Cockpit Figure’s. They are beautifully cast with crisp details. Here we have our Flight Sgt in a leaning pose……

Here we have our figure of Geoffrey Wellum DFC. I really wanted to capture Geoffrey’s infectious smile! 

Here we have my figure next to the man himself as he was in 1940.

All the elements come together for the completed work:

So there was my second rendition of First Light and I am delighted with the finished result! I hope that this work will be seen by many and that they will remember the bravery and sacrifice of the RAF during the Battle of Britain. 

Normally I end my posts on a farewell note, however on this occasion I will leave the last word to Sqd. Leader Geoffrey Wellum, DFC. 

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