Ready for rollout: Spitfire K9998 “First Light”


This month has seen a lot of activity in the studio and one of the highlights is the completion of my commission build of the “First Light ” Spitfire Mk. Ia as flown by Geoffrey Wellum DFC.

The summer saw the passing of this great man and it was my hope that he might see my version of his beloved “K”. We owe so much to our Battle of Britain veterans, I only hope that by doing my best work keeps their memory alive and in my own small way pays tribute to their sacrifice and courage.

So without further ado, here is the finished studio version of Geoffrey Wellum’s Spitfire Mk. Ia in 1/32 scale ……..

This project will now be posed in its own custom built display case which is now in progress. After that, this build will be shipped to its new owner who I hope will be very pleased with the latest acquisition to their collection.

As always take care and Happy Modelling!


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