Corsair F4U-1 WIP part 4.


Hello again!

I have continued with the painting process on the Corsair and thought I would share with you how I am getting on with it.

The first job was to add a lightened shade of US Navy Blue/Grey to the upper surfaces. This is simply a toned down mix of the original colour. Here is how it turned out:


I touched up areas of the light grey  on the undersides too, this was nice and easy! The next stage of the process was to add increasingly lighter coats of Blue/Grey to the top side in a random pattern.

I also began weathering at this stage by adding some paint chipping around the upper wing walk area’s and other high wear area’s of the airframe.

I took my time with this process. Stopping and taking several breaks from this process really helps as you can return to the model with fresh eyes each time and hopefully one does not then get too carried away. Remember: less is more!

Here is how I ended up after several weathering sessions yesterday:


Hope you like what you see so far! I have clear glossed the entire model now in preparation for the decal process. Stay tuned for the next update!

Take care and Happy Modelling!




6 thoughts on “Corsair F4U-1 WIP part 4.

  1. DanTheBuilder

    Looks great! Yeah I got carried away, so I’m planning on tuning it down a bit before moving on to the next project. Especially the walk area on the wing looks like a horde of elephants walked over it at the moment, on the FW-190 I’m about to finish.

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    1. Thanks Mark!

      I used a piece of scouring pad to cut through the paint in the centre of each panel I worked on, this takes it back to the bear metal coat I sprayed on in the earlier stages of painting. This is done lightly to just expose it. In addition to this, I also used a fine point paintbrush to add tiny dots and scratches using Tamiya acrylic Aluminium and Zinc Chromate colours. This is a long process, but it is the one that works for me best. The trick is to do a little, take a break then come back to it.


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