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Hello there! 

Last time I worked on this build I was left ranting and raving at the HUGE exhaust stack cuts outs on the Hobbyboss kit Corsiar’s  fuselage! Geez……I wouldn’t mind but the exhausts provided in the kit are TINY!

Are HOBBYBOSS serious?


Here’s the problem……

IMG_3213darnitIMG_3171thinTamiya F4U-1 Corsair 01-06-14 FINAL-22-XL

So I have been forced to make my own LARGER exhaust stacks!

Ta daaaa……!!!


With some filler they fitted rather nicely! After all the messing about with that part it was time to move on with the air frame and add the wings. I also cleaned up the seams and re-scribed the detail lost by all that sanding. Yes, the fit on this kit is not good. 



Next I moved onto the painting process, once again I have used the black basing method as explained in my recent Spitfire Mk.IX build. SPITFIRE Mk.IX “Gaby” WIP Part 3.

So the first job was to prime the entire airframe in flat black, then begin the layering process by spraying base coats of Aluminium and Zinc Chromate in the high wear area’s of the Corsair’s airframe.


The next step is the marbling technique. Again, I have picked out one panel at a time and shaded them with mottle and squiggle patterns.


After that I began to mix my own US Navy Blue/ Grey and started to blend it onto the wings. The main underside colour of Light Grey has been thinned and misted on in several coats.


And by the way, check THIS out!


Well, that’s all for now. I hope you are enjoying following this project, there will be more to see soon!

Until next time, take care and Happy Modelling!




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