Hello and welcome back to The Scale Model Hangar! May I take this opportunity to welcome all the new followers to the site and thank you all for your support-It is greatly appreciated!

Now back to business! Last week I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Knight Models 75mm Wolverine figure and I just had to begin work on it straight away!

233100-14399-37-pristine copy

I am a big fan of the Wolverine books and movies and I have been waiting to “build” my own Wolverine for a long time. Wolverine a.k.a. James Logan has spent much of his time in the comic books in his superhero costume as one of the X-Men and as a kid I loved the X-Men comic books, now I enjoy the X-Men movies with my son who also likes Logan and his “Don’t mess with me” attitude. I have always enjoyed this character when he is not being a super hero and is placed in real world situations.

Logan, a mutant with the power to heal from any wound or injury born with animal like claws housed in his forearms  was experimented on my the US Military after the Vietnam war and this is how he ended up with his entire skeleton  being encased with a rare alloy called adamantium. This made him practically invincible and cost him his memory. After escaping the Weapon X program Logan went on the run for years. In this time he  was trained as Samurai warrior in Japan, recruited by the CIA as an assassin and ended up as a cage fighter in Canada. His gift, bloody ruthless combat kept him on the road for years and in time he found peace in the Canadian Rockies, where he made his home. It was not long after this time he befriended Professor Xavier, founder of the X-Men who treated Logan for his memory loss in exchange for Logan’s  lethal skills as an X-Man.

Logan is an iconic comic and movie character and as the Wolverine he’s the man that you don’t wanna mess with……




Needless to say as a fan, I was looking forward to building this great piece! The figure is cast in metal and is very well defined. This sculpt captures the look of the comic book Wolverine/Logan Character beautifully.

Here is the assembled figure as it comes in the box…….

Logan (The Wolverine) 02

I wanted my figure to have a bit more of a presence on my display shelf so I omitted to use the rocky ground base provided in the kit and instead chose my own homemade base which was a unique combination of a wood plinth, slate and ground materials. The idea was to create ground that would resemble the Canadian Rockies that Logan knew so well.

I painted the model with acrylics and oils to get the look I was after, whist I am by no means a great figure painter I really enjoyed this subject and the finished piece looks like  The Wolverine I know from the comic books I used to read. It was a great way to bring one of my favourite characters to life! My son also liked this build, commenting that it was very cool! I have promised him a lit Iron Man and War Machine in the future, I will have my work cut out there!

In the meantime,  check out the finished model below and let me know your thoughts on this one.

DSCF1754DSCF1776DSCF1782 copyDSCF1787DSCF1789DSCF1786

Hope you have enjoyed this one! Take care and Happy Modelling!


wolverine title1



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