1/48 F4U-1 Corsair-Ready for Inspection!




After several weeks, my 1/48 Hobbyboss F4U-1 Corsair is finally finished!

This build was a test best for my new painting and weathering styles which saw me embark on attempting new techniques and using new materials. In scale modelling terms, it has been quite a journey!

I have always wanted a beat up, war weary, faded Corsair on my shelf and when I saw the markings for a VMF-222 machine named “Tojo eats shit!” on a decal sheet from Barracuda Decals I just knew I had to build it.


The Kit:


The Hobbyboss 1/48 Corsair family of kits are pretty good out of the box with two exceptions: The exhaust stacks are way too small and the wheels are oversized. I also had to adjust the sit of the aircraft by compressing the landing gear. Hobbyboss moulds the legs fully extended as if they re not bearing any weight. If you don’t mind correcting all that, with some effort one can build a nice model of the F4U-1 Corsair.

I won’y review the kit here-Instead I will share my Work In Progress posts here so you can see the model being completed from start to finish and judge for yourself. Just click the links below to see the model build, paint and finishing process.

WIP Part 1    WIP Part 2.    WIP Part 3.    WIP part 4.     W.I.P. Part 5      W.I.P. Part 6

The particular aircraft I have chosen to model was an early “Birdcage” canopy version that was sent to the pacific theatre during World War II. It was a F4U-1 with no known   Bu. No. assigned to USMC fighter squadron VMF-222. Unfortunately we do not know who flew this  Corsair but we do know it was based at Munda Airfield, NewGeorgia, Solomon Islands during 1942.

These aircraft were operated and maintained in tough conditions on these pacific islands so it was inevitable that they would get pretty beat up. This is what makes for a more interesting subject to my eye! Here is a photo of a similar Corsair being maintained on the beach:


Here is a photograph of the original aircraft which I used as a reference:

126 close up web


And here is my completed build:





I hope you have enjoyed this model! Thanks for visiting the site and for your support.

Take care and Happy Modelling!



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