Look what I got for Christmas!




I must have been a good boy in 2017 as Santa was very kind to me! I was delighted to find some quality kits on Christmas morning!

Firstly, this fantastic Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Camel! This kit is very high end stuff and I will have to treat it with a lot of respect. I have wanted to build one in 1/32 scale for many years and now I can! Thanks Frank!



Another superb gift was this Youngs Miniatures 1/10 Bust of a WWII SAS Gunner, I have yet to build mine, but I want it to look like this! Thanks Eric!


I was also presented with some handy new bits for the workbench too, Tamiya’s carousel  and work stand. Both are welcome additions to my bench and have already been pressed into service. Thanks H!


Next an indulgent treat to myself.  Trumpeters 1/35 E-100 Jagdpanzer! This is a tank design that I have always been impressed by and I have always wanted to build ever since I was inspired by a “what if”? build of a E-75 Eber which is a similar design, but no mainstream kit is produced as yet. To set it off I was also picked up to some superb 1/35 Verlinden German tank crew figures as well. I sense a lovely armour build in the near future!


Finally, showing us the true spirit of Christmas, my neighbour’s son came over and presented this big box of model kits. He told me he was no longer interested in modelling and wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them. I most certainly did! Thank you Colin! I will have some great times with these kits.


Well, there you have it. A wonderful Christmas haul! I am a very, very lucky man to have  family and friends that are so wonderful, so kind and so thoughtful.

I hope Santa brought you something nice for your stash too!

Take care and Happy Modelling!



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