The Mandalorian


If you are anything like me then you love the wonderful hobby of scale modelling, if you’re a lot like me then you love Star Wars as well!

So when I came across this 3D print garage kit of The Mandalorian and Grogu, I just had to get it!

The kit is solid resin and comes in 1/10 scale, roughly 210mm tall. It’s very well detailed and was easy to work with. Below is the figure as assembled.

The build itself was very easy, the work was in the painting. I was lucky enough to receive a Grogu figure in the box as well so I thought the best way to incorporate him into being at Mando’s side was to fabricate the floating pram he gets around in.

I painted the Mandarlorian armour in Alclad II metallics everything else was painted in Tamiya acrylics. In order to accomodate Grogu and his floating pram, I increased the footprint of the display base and used slate stones to make the groundwork look harsh and unforgiving. I painted the groundwork in tones of brown and I added rust pigments to add more texture.

The detail on this 3d printed figure was incredible, everything crisp and sharp. Also, the figure was screen accurate too-A plus for any Star Wars fan right?

The experience of painting a large scale figure was very enjoyable! Highly recommended!

Here’s how it looked when I’d finished painting…..

I hope you enjoyed seeing this model and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to follow this blog for more articles and you can also find me @thescalemodelhangar on facebook and instagram.

Take care and until next time, Happy Modelling!


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