Whiskey Cobra: Callsign Warrior.

It’s good to realise a long awaited wish, to display one of my favourite models as I have always wanted to. Some time ago I built a 1/35 AH-1W Cobra in the markings of USMC squadron HML/A-167, I had planned to display it in a custom made display case with unit insignia, cap badge and plaque.

You can see the original build post here: Callsign: WARRIOR

At long last I can finally call this build finished! With a custom display case made by good friend Paul Thompson and a Squadron Badge courtesy of Capt. Allyn Hinton, USMC I am happy to present my AH-1W Cobra-“CALLSIGN : WARRIOR” 

Here the model is displayed with US Marine’s Officer Cap Badge, Plaque and Squadron Patch of HML/A-167.






The finished model in its custom display case.


Thanks for visiting! Take care and Happy Modelling!


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